Schools & Community

We are involved in many schools around Walsall as well as on-going events, clubs, and programs throughout the city.

We offer a wide range of presentations, resources and support for any program. If you’re looking to start something new, or just want some support or ideas for your school or project, we are here to serve!

Hi’s ‘n’ Lows

Hi’s ‘n’ Lows works with drug and alcohol abusers, the homeless and sex workers. It aims to give council, help, a listening, advice where appropriate and doorways out of difficult circumstances which these people find themselves in. We will provide a base for them to work in the Caldmore area, and work alongside them in any way in which we can.

Caldmore Area

WCC is heavily involved with other local churches in the life of Caldmore. This involves us in doing things like helping clean up the area from rubbish, partnering with them and the local Council with their festivals and activities. We take the lead in the Christmas events which are presented in  local schools.


We are involved in taking assemblies, lessons and other activities within local schools as needs and opportunities arise. This is again in partnership with other local churches. WCC also has in ‘Intern Programme’ which helps provide manpower to facilitate such work.

  • RE Classes
  • Assemblies
  • Workshops


  • Kids clubs
  • Holiday clubs
  • Camp
  • Seminars
  • Support and Counseling Ministry