The Father Heart Of God – By John King

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Who are we, who could we be and who should we be – Lisa Campbell

Below are my notes (Brian) from Lisa's message  - hope they help but please listen and be blessed yourself!   Who we are, who we could be and who we should be. One phrase that defines you would be what? Who would God say that we are and how would He define us. Matt … [Read more...]

Matt 1:4 & 5 – life lessons from a genealogy!

Nahshon He was the brother of Elisheba who married Aeron - the brother of Moses. So he was brother in law to both Moses & Aeron. Jewish tradition states that he led the way into the Red sea and that it didn’t part until it got up to his nose, after which they crossed on dry ground. He … [Read more...]

Inheriting the promises

Four aspects of Joshua for us to consider. Joshua lived in the shadow of the promise. Joshua earnt the right to receive the promise Joshua was tested many times after he received the promise. (The testing before the promise was preparation for life after the promise.) Joshua walked … [Read more...]

Staying with Jesus

By Brin Dash In Mark 14: 22 - 42 we read how Jesus told the disciples that they would all flee from Him when trouble occurred. Whilst they all denied it, it happened very quickly after this point. Yet Jesus not only took the twelve with Him into Gethsemane, and then took Peter, James and John … [Read more...]

From Glory to Glory 2 Cor 3 by Brian Dash

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Birthright and Blessing

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The Law Of Reciprocity – or sowing and reaping, plus spirit and soul.

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The Lifestyle Value of Sacrifice – Brian Dash

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The Cost Of Counting – by Brian Dash

We think about the episode towards the end of David's life when he carried out a census of the people - but for all the wrong reasons. Here are the notes for the sermon: … [Read more...]