Breakthrough for Mary, Martha & Lazarus

Some thoughts from Jn 11, by Brian Dash … [Read more...]

Breakthrough at Halloween – Brian Dash

Hallelujah in the Halloween Finding the ‘Why’ and the ‘Way Forward’ in Halloween   Including some thoughts from Canon J John The spiritual dimension 2 Kings 3: 21 - 27 What happens in the spiritual impacts what happens in the ‘natural’ It took a leader to sacrifice a child … [Read more...]

Breakthrough for Lot – Brian Dash on Gen 14

Genesis 14   Lot characterised his life by many bad choices. He chose to live in Sodom and therefor had to accept the consequences that came with that. Aspects of a lifestyle might be good, but the coin comes with two sides to it. The lifestyle included the danger and bondage that came … [Read more...]

Breakthrough at Ziklag – Brian Dash on 1 Sam 30

Sermon for 6th October 2013, prayer morning. The Amalekites are always associated with sin. David had spent much time, possibly years, (1 Sam 19:3) serving Achish, the king of Gath. This was the place where Goliath had come from, yet David was forced to a place where he couldn't fulfil his own … [Read more...]