Challenge & Argument

We don't have any audio for this, but the notes are below.   The first are the text of the slides copied and pasted here. Second are the actual slide pictures. At the bottom is a link which will open the full presentation in your browser. Argument & Challenge The Holy … [Read more...]

Jehovah Rapha, God our healer. Phil Yates

Phil shares the next in our series on the names of God, Jehovah Rapha - the Lord who heals you. … [Read more...]

Experiencing What We Believe – Lance Blackwood

The title says it all! … [Read more...]

Handling a crisis

Brian Dash shares some thoughts about how to handle a crisis. The first 2 1/2 minutes are really quiet as our technical guys sorted the issue out. I've tried to edit the quiet out, thought I had - but I'm afraid I hadn't !! Bear with it and you'll get it in the end   Handling a … [Read more...]