Lance Blackwood – He 11 – Heroes of the faith

Hebrews 11 We  stood and applauded for a minute - the heroes mentioned in this passage were welcomed into Heaven to such an applause. We applauded people in society all of the time. How to activate faith in circumstances. What we perceive, hold on to and allow to activate our thought life … [Read more...]

Grieving God

There are many ways that we can treat God. We can treat him well, or badly! Needless to say there are consequences for both. Today we examine an Old Testament story which poses challenging questions. Towards the end of the presentation I referred to some research on grieving the Holy Spirit … [Read more...]

Hezekiah – learning from mistakes and aligning ourselves with God

Today we look at Hezekiah. He was quite a character and did many good things in his kingship. He also had to deal with some crisis situations when God really turned up and did some amazing things. There is much we can apply from his experience into our lives. … [Read more...]

Feasting on Fasting

We look at how fasting is part of the natural, or rather 'supernatural' Christian lifestyle. Many in the Old Testament fasted, and Jesus said 'when you fast,' not 'of you fast' in Matt 6:16 - 18. We loom at various things listed in Isaiah 58 concerning the benefits of fasting: 1. Loosen the … [Read more...]