Mark Harland from Walsall Community Church shares his heart

The call to Walsall and the difference we make. … [Read more...]

Jehovah Nissi – The Lord Our Banner (Brian Dash)

What is in your hands? In Exodus 17: 8 - 16 we see three things in the hands of Moses, Aaron, Hur and Joshua. The staff, hands and a sword. There are times when we need to hold all of these up. This week we explore what and how this is. … [Read more...]

Dr Stephen Smith – 1st December – The Keys Project

Steve shares some thoughts and explains what the Keys project is, and how we might get involved. … [Read more...]

Greg Plumkit – 24th November 2013. God moving in Kenya

Listen as Greg shares the amazing things that God is doing in Kenya. Be inspired to live as Greg and Renee live - sacrificially and honouring God. … [Read more...]

Lance Blackwood – 17th November 2013

Listen and be blessed … [Read more...]

Kerry Jenkins – 10th November 2013

Listen and be blessed! … [Read more...]

Breakthrough in Jn 11 by Brian Dash (2)

Jesus moved, was moved and moved Himself. Listen how! … [Read more...]

Breakthrough for Mary, Martha & Lazarus

Some thoughts from Jn 11, by Brian Dash … [Read more...]

Breakthrough at Halloween – Brian Dash

Hallelujah in the Halloween Finding the ‘Why’ and the ‘Way Forward’ in Halloween   Including some thoughts from Canon J John The spiritual dimension 2 Kings 3: 21 - 27 What happens in the spiritual impacts what happens in the ‘natural’ It took a leader to sacrifice a child … [Read more...]

Breakthrough for Lot – Brian Dash on Gen 14

Genesis 14   Lot characterised his life by many bad choices. He chose to live in Sodom and therefor had to accept the consequences that came with that. Aspects of a lifestyle might be good, but the coin comes with two sides to it. The lifestyle included the danger and bondage that came … [Read more...]