Lance Blackwood – Sunday 3rd December 2017

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Lance Blackwood – God of Miracles Sunday 20th August 2017

Lance follows on from the previous week as he goes from the 'God of the Impossible' to 'God of Miracles'! … [Read more...]

Lance Blackwood – God of the Impossible Sunday 13th August 2017

Lance reminds us that we serve a 'God of the Impossible'! … [Read more...]

The Father Heart Of God – By John King

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Danny Delong – JOY!! Sunday 30th July 2017

Long time friend of the fellowship Danny Delong talks to us about JOY!! … [Read more...]

Lance Blackwood – Approaching God Sunday 23rd July 2017

Senior Leader Lance on the subject of Approaching God. … [Read more...]

Koe Purohit – God IS GOOD! Sunday 16th July 2017

Koe brings us some thoughts on why we can trust God - He is Good all the time and all the time He is Good! … [Read more...]

Lance Blackwood – The Desert Place Sunday 25th June 2017

More from the word of God from Senior Leader Lance Blackwood - Luke 4 1-13. … [Read more...]

Jim Greenwood – Never, Never, Never give up! Sunday 28th May 2017

Father of the house encourages us - never, never, never give up! … [Read more...]

Lance Blackwood – Sunday 21st May 2017

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