Vision & Mission

Our mission statement as church is to 'Live life, Love God, Grow people.'   Life, by definition, flows from the presence of the giver of life who is God Himself. This encapsulates knowledge, learning, holiness, discipline and everything pertaining to a disciplined lifestyle of following … [Read more...]

September 2011 Newsletter

OK - so the holidays are over. Unless your name ends in Kirven and you're off on another cruise as I type this! Be blessed folks, we love you! But hope does't end with holidays. God is constant and consistently the same - yesterday, today and forever. And He consistently loves you. In fact He plans … [Read more...]

Building Report

NEW WINDOWS! A great big THANK YOU to Alan Meredith for all his work installing the beautiful new windows on the north west side of the church. They look great! … [Read more...]