Our Vision

Living Life, Loving God, Growing People

At the Walsall Christian Centre we are called to live life to the full. God destines us to be fruitful in all areas of our lives – our relationship with Him, our families and each other. At WCC we build and equip people for life that is meaningful, productive and victorious! And have fun doing it, honouring God in the process.

We aim to magnify God in our lives as individuals, the community in which we live and work and in society as a whole. This means engaging, befriending, feeding, clothing, helping and equipping people no matter what season of life they find themselves in or whether they are near or far away from God.

We aim to keep the family atmosphere of our church by planting other congregations out and coming alongside other churches whom we can help in varying and practical ways. This means growing leaders, operating meaningful and relevant programmes for all ages, empowering and equipping as many people as we can.

WCC is a church of impact which is steadily increasing: Locally, nationally and internationally.