Leadership Team

Senior Leaders

Lance and Viki Blackwood

Lance Blackwood along with his wife Viki are the Senior Leaders at WCC.  Lance has been a part of WCC for over 30 years in which time he has been involved in many leadership roles ranging from youth work, worship leader to eldership responsibilities.  He has a prophetic edge to many of his gifts.  He and Viki have been married for almost 11 years.  They became the Senior Leaders in October 2015 and were officially prayed into position on 10th April 2016.


Koe & Marie Purohit

Koe & Marie have numerous roles. Their leadership wisdom helps in keeping the vision fulfilled. As so much of WCC programmes seem to include food, Marie often ends up involved in some way. Koe is our ‘sound’ man and also plays bass when it is his turn in the worship band. They jointly look after the church finances – a crucial role! They have two grown up children.

Phil & Helen Yates

Both Phil and Helen are long standing members of Walsall Christian Centre.  Phil works as a gas engineer, Helen a school teacher.  Both are involved in the worship team.  Phil and Helen stood up to join the Leadership Team in 2011 as they have much to bring in many ways.  They are good listeners and have a wisdom given by God which is beyond their years!

Lisa Campbell

Lisa joined the Leadership Team in 2015.  Lisa has been a member at WCC for over 5 years and briongs with her a great level of wisdom and spiritual discernment.  Lisa works as a Head Teacher.


Liz Yates

Liz leads the worship team – crucial to the life and success of the church. Our worship touches God so that God can touch us! It also involves building and equipping others to function in this capacity.  Liz has a tremendous gift leading worship.  She is engaged to Alex.


We are currently seeking and waiting on God as we look for suitable replacements for Shane and Ali Roche.  Shane has now taken a position working with The Message Trust and we pray that God will use him tremendously in this new role.


Pathfinders Team
Chris Flowers,  Becky Walker