Breakthrough for Lot – Brian Dash on Gen 14

Genesis 14


Lot characterised his life by many bad choices. He chose to live in Sodom and therefor had to accept the consequences that came with that. Aspects of a lifestyle might be good, but the coin comes with two sides to it.

The lifestyle included the danger and bondage that came with it – being bound to a higher power than he could see or perhaps understand. The people with Lot tried to free themselves from this situation and ended up paying dearly for it – battles to get free and in the end much worse.

Lot went from being in bondage in a place of his choosing, to being in bondage to a place not of his choosing as he and his family were carried off. Note that as the head of the family Lot’s actions impacted by those around him, especially those closest to him.

Abram didn’t wait for an invitation to rescue him, nor wait for an assurance that he wouldn’t end up going back there after his rescue – which he ultimately did. Abram acted as he knew this was a ‘bondage to far’ and he must go.

How was Abram prepared to go and rescue his nephew?

1. He was in communion with God already – Gen 13.

2. He already was in the habit of building an alter – his connection and relationship with God (Gen 13:18)

3. He was already in a good and strong place with good relationships (Gen 13:8)

4. He took initiative and leadership (Gen 14:14)

5. He had already prepared his army – the 318 were trained before hand. Perhaps you might need to partner with someone else who has already trained his own army.

6. He didn’t let the odds put him off – he knew God would be with him no matter what the situation seemed like. (Gen 14:20)

7. He used stealth and wisdom to gain the victory (Gen 14:15)

How does this translate to modern life?

1. Nurture our relationship with God

2. Nurture our relationship with the wider body.

3. Be open and discerning when to move to bring deliverance / breakthrough to outside situations

4. Do all we can to make use of both the heavenly army (Jacob & Nathaniel’s ladder)

5. Keep our attitude good and strong. Keep full of faith.

6. Use common sense and common courtesy – deliverance will come. We may need to pray directly in a place or for a person, in proxy, or perhaps it’s about releasing words of prophecy, encouragement, fasting, being generous, serving and so on.