Challenge & Argument

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Argument & Challenge

The Holy Way



Paul & Barnabas (Acts 15:39)

Euodia & Syntyche (Phil 4:2)

David & Saul (1 Samuel)


David’s disagreements:


Always treated Saul with Honour

This continued even after his death (2 Sam 9:1)

He wouldn’t let Saul’s bad behaviour dictate his choices.


David’s disagreements:

When the wives / children were taken (1 Sam 30)

He ENCOURAGED himself in God



He proposed a viable way forwards

It wasn’t just what was wrong, it was what could be right!


David’s disagreements:

When challenged by Nathan (2 Sam 12:13)

He took it on the chin!

He ADMITTED his mistakes




Context (John-Mark’s previous behaviour impacted the present moment.)

Short Term Effect:

Tension & Division Created

Long Term Effect:

Paul & Barnabas never travelled together again

Paul honoured both Barnabas & John-Mark (2 Tim 1:11)


Life Principles:

Stay in control of yourself. Give yourself time if you need it

Don’t try and control others – just you!

Bring your thoughts, feelings & actions under His Lordship

Create space for you to listen

Make sure they know that you’ve heard

It takes the sting and tension out of a situation


Life Principles:

Aim to win the war, not the campaign

Preserve the relationships

Learn and live the secret of season and timing

Don’t say anything you’ll later regret

Say sorry! Admit mistakes!

Hold onto what you must. Let go of what you mustn’t!


Life Principles:

Pride / Humility

If you have to be right, then you’re very wrong!!

God always resists pride

It takes away from dependancy on Him

It always creates space for the enemy


Life Principles:

What about Prudence & Wisdom? (Pr 8:12 – 14)

Prudence – Crafty, Shrewd, Cunning

Wisdom & discretion is knowing which bit of knowledge to use, & which to leave behind

Prudence finds a way to apply the wisdom


Life Principles:

The perverted mouth often goes with pride & arrogance

As God is cut off, the enemy increases His hold, then thinking & reasoning become twisted

Blindness increases

Don’t use the wrong thing for the right reason.

Use the armour of God to protect your actions, and the actions done to you


Life Principles:


Embrace God

Find a way forward

Be patient

Keep on believing!




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