Lance Blackwood – He 11 – Heroes of the faith

Hebrews 11

We  stood and applauded for a minute – the heroes mentioned in this passage were welcomed into Heaven to such an applause.
We applauded people in society all of the time.
How to activate faith in circumstances. What we perceive, hold on to and allow to activate our thought life will dictate which direction our live go.
A positive mindset sees every situation as an opportunity for God to move and do what He wants. It is easy to say verses etc, but they must become part of us. John 7: 38.
We only find the true sense of what our brain is created for when we come into the Kingdom. Science seeks to disprove God. But things will change! What we believe and cultivate will become us. The devil will attack the mind first, then bring discouragement.
Are we a person of faith? It’s either true and we live it, with people looking on in awe, or we don’t. When the Word of God comes to us then our spirit is quickened as He brings life to us. Told a story of how a plane got through a storm which seem hopeless.
For many of us the prophetic promise is going to be released to us, partly from the prayers already gone up from the Saints from years ago. We must activate faith in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. Our faith is connected to how we perceive God. Heaven should overrule earth in Jesus name. We bring heavens dimension into our earth dimension. It can’t be faked or forced, but happens when we work in partnership with Holy Spirit.
Matt17:20 – grain as a mustard seed. Nothing shall be impossible for us. It’s the fourth dimension overrules the third (Cho). Ro 1:17. The righteousness of God has been revealed.
A culture change happens when we all change our thinking. It then becomes contagious. The centurions servant’s faith impressed Jesus, and his faith pleased Him. If we are going to grow as a church and a people then we need to adopt a mindset that God is bigger, true and so on to allow us to consistently bring heaven to earth.
God wants to remind us of His promises to us. We may have been praying for a long time.