Feasting on Fasting

We look at how fasting is part of the natural, or rather ‘supernatural’ Christian lifestyle. Many in the Old Testament fasted, and Jesus said ‘when you fast,’ not ‘of you fast’ in Matt 6:16 – 18.

We loom at various things listed in Isaiah 58 concerning the benefits of fasting:

1. Loosen the bonds of wickedness
2. Undo the heavy burdens in the lives of others
3. Help oppressed be set free as we minister to them under the anointing of Holy Spirit.
4. Break the yoke of the religious spirit.
5. To provide bread to the hungry and housing to the poor.
6. Light of revelation of Gods Word
7. Emotional / physical health to speedily spring forth.
8. Glory and power of God to operate.

A great resource for fasting is Mike Bickle. His stuff is really good. A free downloadable book on fasting can be found at the following link:

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