Vision & Mission


Our mission statement as church is to ‘Live life, Love God, Grow people.’


Life, by definition, flows from the presence of the giver of life who is God Himself. This encapsulates knowledge, learning, holiness, discipline and everything pertaining to a disciplined lifestyle of following Jesus.


Loving God encompasses the whole aspect of our relationship and connection with Him. This should always be fluid, moving on and abounding in the life of God. It should be exciting, challenging, even scary at times but always growing in His glory and presence.


Growing people is all about winning them to Him and seeing them flourish in their life in God. It’s about impacting society or even nations with His presence. To grow people we often need to prepare the ground and sow the seed first. So growing people is service, mission, discipleship, fun and everything pertaining to life itself. In fact our mission statement is a complete circle.


To achieve these things as a church it is helpful to have a clear idea and goals of where we are going. Now is the time to stand up and move forwards in ways we sense God is leading.



  • To have 20 prayer groups by June that meet at least once per week
    • 30 groups by December


  • To get all leaders committed to prayer
    • Sunday morning
    • Thursday monthly
    • Extra prayer times as required


  • Three prayer weeks through the year


  • To experiment and establish electronic prayer meetings to become a part of church life by the end of the year


  • Fasting


  • To create an understanding of fasting


  • To build a culture of fasting


  • To see the church represented by fasting on 6 days per week by the end of the year
    • 2 days by the end of March,
    • 3 days by the end of June,
    • 4 days by the end of September,
    • 6 days by the end December




  • To have recruited and put into place a new youth leader
    • Preferably a couple


  • To build on the success of:
    • Pathfinders


  • Soul:R
    • Group to continue but will run from 6 to 7:30
    • 14’s to go to Mettle
    • Leaders needed


  • Upper Crew


  • Emerge
    • Older Sunday group to develop as the need and support arise


  • To establish a new group for 14 to 16’s
    • We might call the group ‘Mettle’
    • Brian to run the group initially
    • Female help essential
    • Group to start beginning of Feb
    • Using YFC Mettle material


  • To establish a 17 to 20 group by the end of the year


  • To continue our integration with Urban Spirit
  • To develop our 20’s plus group




  • Alpha for the whole church run from Easter


  • To use our Easter Sunday Night outreach as a springboard to launch Alpha


  • To encourage all to share testimony with / witness to / pray with one unsaved per week


  • 10 people doing 1 day / mth by March
  • 20 doing 2days /mth by June
  • 30 doing 1 per week by end of year


  • To continue with the vision of establishing more groups of special interest which we could invite people to



  • To get more people involved in using & contributing to website
    • Invite all leaders to share one blog and one Devotional
    • An initial goal is for Brian to do one a week and one from another church member



  • By the end of the year
    • Fasting regularly
    • To have established their own workable PDP
    • Elders to be in at least 1 prayer group weekly
    • Witnessing to / sharing with / praying for 1 unsaved per week
    • Apostolic input developed



  • To keep web diary up to date
  • To keep finances up to date monthly
    • Bills with a 14 day turnaround
  • Appropriate reviews with employees
  • To accurately record prayer activity, testimonies


Leadership development


  • Appreciation shown in building a culture of honour


  • Consistent training
    • Training appropriate to different groups e.g. Life Groups


Life groups


  • 1 new leader


  • Refocus Life Groups between Easter and September



  • To make mission a part of church life and culture


  • To expand our support of and participation in mission


  • To explore the possibility of a homeless shelter / provision