Lu 1:6 ‘They were both righteous in the sight of God’

Luke 1:6
‘They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and requirements of the Lord.’
So began the Christmas story long long ago. The prayer of one man who prayed so hard and so long made such a difference.
The first thing we can look at is the fact that Zacharias’s prayer came out of great heartache. They lived in a time where being barren was a judgement against them as people. Society would have looked on them and judged them to be less than what they ‘should’ be. But what ¬†counted was the fact that they were regarded as a righteous in the sight of God. In the years of struggle and hardship they remained faithful to God. I am sure that those years were good years, despite the disappointment. They would have known many blessings from the hand of our good God.
They kept serving God despite the disappointment, they are lack of understanding, and the pressures of society. Zacharias daily habits of being faithful to God led him to being chosen by God to go into His presence. When he was in the in the place of God’s presence, his prayers were heard and answered in a miraculous way. He didn’t need to be in this place for his prayers to be answered but that is where he was. When Zechariah came out of the place of the intimate presence of God into the world nothing was ever the same.
Let us be determined to be faithful in our walk and righteous in our character. Let us make sure that we spend time in God’s presence. Zechariah had to work hard to get to the place of real intimacy with God. But that is where I am determined to go, to visit, to live and to stay. When we come out from the place of intimacy with God, nothing will be the same in the world in which we live.


Lord, help me to be righteous faithful and blameless in your sight. Help me to get into Your presence. Let more of Your presence get into me. Then flow through me to change the world in which You put me. Amen.