Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

What is not to delight in? God is consistently good, He never changes, He is amazingly generous and abundantly wonderful in all that He does!

I asked the church recently if anyone had ever received anything bad from God. No one said they had.

That doesn’t mean that we understand everything, or even agree with what He does! Some prayers are slow in getting their answers, and some answers we don’t like!

God never over rides people’s free will and bad choices, but in my experience He always presences Himself with me in those difficult and challenging days, and walks the path with me.

When I expect good at the hand of a good God – I get it. But when out of love I simply delight in His grace and goodness, He influences my heart. My desires come into line with His will, which means that I walk in line with Him. When my desires, my will, my decisions are in line with His will – because my hearts desire has been positively influenced by Him, I find that I walk in a place of wonderment and blessing. How can life be this good?

He daily loads the blessings on me, and when days are tough He’s there to help, lead, guide and so on.

So what’s not to delight in?


Lord help me to be someone who see’s You as You really are. Help me to delight in You, and enjoy the fruit as You mould my heart.