Psalm 118:5 ‘From my distress I called upon the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me in a large place.’

We need to settle some things once and for all. As foster carers, we have settled the fact that we don’t give up. We don’t give in either, although we now choose which battles to fight and when to stand.

With God we need to settle a couple of things:

He is good.
He loves you.
All He does is always good.
Stuff that happens to you isn’t always what He wants (depending on people’s freewill choices, the strength and power of the enemy in certain circumstances.)
When hard times come, He wants to be with you and turn your negative experience into a positive victory.
Every situation is an opportunity for God to do something good.
His joy, His peace, His power and His rest are all something we need to live in, and let them live in us. ALso they are all things we can grow in and develop within us.
Negative experiences are always opportunities for us to grow and experience more grace – the empowering of God to soar over our difficulties.

This verse on Psalm 118 says it all. When we call on Him, by nature He sets us into a spacious place – the place of abundance, victory and power. That is in our hearts and minds. Often we need to dislodge the enemy form our circumstances, but if you settle it on your heart, in your mind and in your spirit, then your experience WILL follow.

But don’t measure it in time. Measure it in the richness of what God is doing during the process.

Lord, help me to settle the things that need settling. Those things which have become embedded in my heart, mind and experience which are not of You then help me to unsettle them and get them out. Then help me to settle the big things so that my experience will always be that when I call upon You, You will bring me to the place of abundance! Amen.