Psalm 45:13, 14 – The Kings daughter

The Kings daughter is all glourious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold, she will be led to the King in embroidered work.

Mike Bickle has beet tweeting that God delights and actually likes us. He enjoys our company and cheers us on in our walk with Him. God see’s us as we have been created to be – in a relationship with Him. He doesn’t major on our wrongs as love covers a multitude of sin. The power of the blood of Jesus, and the righteousness of Him is stronger and more powerful than the effect of my sin.

Does this mean we can do what we want, and sin as much as we like? Of course not. I don’t do things to upset my wife for the sake of upsetting her. Last night I emptied the dishwasher, tidied the draining board, hoovered the floor, brought the clothes in from the line – all because I know that when she comes in through the door seeing these things done will please her. I want to please her because I love her, and I want our evening to be filled with the joy of a good relationship.

If I didn’t do these things we’d still have an OK evening, be in love and so on. But pleasing my wife is important to me, and that affects my behaviour. Ironically, in doing these things for her, I directly benefit!

Pleasing God is important, because I love Him. Doing the things that are right for Him is important to me because I love Him, but I’m the one who directly benefits.

So here’s a thought. If you are being led to the King (God) being clothed in embroidered work, it’s like God saying ‘I love you and clothe you with all the good that Jesus is and obtained for you.’ So go into His presence as you are.

But verse 14 says that your clothing will be interwoven with gold – because when you spend time with Him (unworthy as you may feel you are) what He is like rubs off on you. Just being with Him causes who He is to rub off on you. And then you become all glorious within, because He helps you change both from the outside in and the inside out.


Lord, help me to come and stay in Your presence. I know there’s lots in me that could be better, but thank you for the invitation into your throne room.

Please help me to know You more, and to see me as You want me to be right now. Help me to build the good things you have planted in me, and give me something I can do today  to help that. Give me one thing I can do to help tear down something that doesn’t help me.

Help me to encourage others today, handle people and issues in a way that pleases You, and help me to be fruit filled as I walk through today. Amen