Isaiah 40:31 – “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint”

Soaring Like an Eagle

Myles Tolley


Well what a few weeks this has been!  Most of you know I have been in hospital and it has been a very tough experience for me, dealing with the pain and the fear of not knowing just what is wrong with me.  First of all let me thank all of you for your prayers and support they are being felt and are a real boost to me, thanks to all who have managed to come and visit me also its nice to see you all.

I am missing the fellowship on a Sunday but know I am with you all in spirit.  Update so far is I have a clear diagnosis, Portal Vein Thrombosis which has been blocking blood flow to both my liver and my gut, causing my gut to actually start to die, not pleasant!  The weekend ahead is vital that my body improves and gets stronger so it shows it is fighting it and will avoid a very complicated and risky operation so I would appreciate your prayers in that.

Brian has asked me to do a daily devotional on the websites blog today and as this is my first one I thought where better to start than my favourite bible verse of all time … Isaiah 40:31!  This verse is extremely important to me and has helped and continues to help me through my circumstance and trials at the moment and I hope and pray it means something to you too!


But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they will soar on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint”

Isaiah 40:31


This verse speaks for itself I believe, it is an enormous encouragement that the Lord can renew us and He gives us the strength to carry on.  It is vital to look at the order of this verse to truly understand it and get the most out of it.  At first it is easy to think, “right I’ll be patient and it will all work out for me” yet we all know this isn’t always the case, there are a few key elements in this verse we need to truly understand and get to grips with.

Firstly, the most important thing is that we wait upon the Lord before we do anything else and waiting upon the Lord does not mean being idle and just waiting for God to do something, we must wait upon the Lord in constant prayer and supplication devoting whatever we need to him whether it be health, finance, trials, anything at all we give it to God immediately no matter the circumstance.

Secondly the verse talks about renewing our strength, this is vital if we are to do anything for the kingdom of God, whether it be to follow His will or face the trials to come we all need strength, believe  me the last month has been draining and I have felt the weakest in my entire life, but I truly believe that God has  been constantly renewing my strength to face each day and the trials it brings.  God will not let us down, He loves us and wants the best for us, he is a constant source of strength and if we let Him he will send it flowing through us like a rushing river and it will give us the strength to face whatever lies ahead, what an amazing God we serve!

Thirdly the verse talks about “soaring on wings like eagles” other translations, such as the ESV, state it as “shall mount up on wings like eagles” and I believe this talks about rising above, whether it be out of the ashes after a terrible storm in our lives, such as health for instance, I have felt so low at times, so rock bottom with nothing left to give yet through prayer God is giving me strength to continue and rise above my current circumstance.  The eagle is vulnerable on the ground, an easy prey for predators yet when it mounts up and soars to great heights it is the king of the air, above all danger looking down upon it ready to swoop and attack when it needs to, God gives us the ability to mount up and soar above whatever we face no matter our circumstance, no matter our surroundings we can be kings of the air fearing no-one, believe this and ask God to do it for you right now.

Lastly it talks about running and walking and I feel this is very important that both are mentioned together, we are all in different seasons, some of us are rock bottom and need strength just to look up, some of us are in the pits and need to mount up above our trials, and there are those of us running the race marked out for us.  This can be so tiring at times, believe me I’m feeling it, and this verse is telling us that through God, no matter where we are in our lives right now He has the answer!  You can run this race and not grow weary and tired because He is with you, and just in case you feel that you haven’t been “doing as much as I should” he talks about walking and growing faint, the point is no matter whether you are running fast or simply walking God will renew you, as long as you keep going forward!!!  To Him!

Yes trials will come, yes you will feel weak, the enemy is ruthless but compared to God he is merely a piece of ash, God CAN and WILL renew your strength, he CAN and WILL help you mount up and soar above your troubles, and He CAN and WILL keep you going on your journey whether you are running or simply walking, the key is to GO TO HIM, in everything, wait upon Him and remember to pray, guys it is of the utmost importance you realise the power of prayer, in the worst of my pain, when my mind and body failed me and I was being literally held down, the sweat pouring from me and my body in a fit, prayer was the one constant thing I could rely on, 5 times now it has calmed me and sent me to sleep in the midst of it and it gave me the determination to fight the flare ups.

I pray you all find peace in your circumstance and know God has the ability to help you.  Love you guys and see you soon!  Myles