Story Time – accounts of what God has been doing in different lives

By Brian Dash.

God’s goodness never ends. His love never fails. His mercies are new every day.

So why should we be surprised when God does amazing things in our lives?

I want this part of the website to include up to date testimonies of what God has done, accounts of how He has blessed and answered prayer or just done amazing things. So as I think back over the last few weeks, what has God done for me?

  • Church has been brilliant in August – new people, fresh experience of His Presence, many answered prayers.
  • He has spoken a specific mandate over me as He is bringing me from one season to another.
  • He has created space in my life as certain contracts outside of the church have come to an end.
  • We have been approved for more foster children – the achievement and timing of this is amazing and proof of God’s hand in this.
  • He has given me specific and accurate prophetic words of encouragement for people
  • Whilst driving back from Spain in August, I badly stubbed my toe in a service station (Split nail, deep cut etc. Yet I could drive home and felt virtually no pain at all.)
  • Being able to share and demonstrate the goodness of God with some who don’t know Him

I can honestly say that at the moment, everything I turn my hand to, He blesses. And why? Because He is good, and part of the covenant relationship He has with me is to bless me and all those around me.

As long as I stay in the covenant. And when I slip to the edge of it, He still blesses me! Enough to draw me back to the centre so that this relationship with Him supersede’s everything else!

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