September 2011 Newsletter

OK – so the holidays are over. Unless your name ends in Kirven and you’re off on another cruise as I type this! Be blessed folks, we love you!

But hope does’t end with holidays. God is constant and consistently the same – yesterday, today and forever. And He consistently loves you. In fact He plans to bless you far more than you realise.

So what has been happening over the summer? God has been moving and building us up for what He’s doing right now. He is using us to pray, reach out, bless and encourage those around us. Whether in or out of church. In fact especially out if church!

But what can we look forward to?

Dorothy shared with us last Sunday about Dreamers, our new over 60’s fellowship. We’ll put more on the website soon, but email the church if you need anything sooner.

The Walk through the Bible is coming up in October – book your tickets soon if you want a place.

On 21st September we are having our casting session for our Christmas play which we are performing with Bath Street and CEC.

Most importantly on 22nd September we are starting our second season of 40 days of praying and fasting. Last year this season broke some chains that needed breaking, and released God to move in a way that was relevant to us last year. But this is this year, and God is continuing to build and move us forward. As the atmosphere, presence of God and momentum of the Kingdom is building within us, we expect God to do amazing things to us, with us and through us.

Bill Johnson said recently that “If I lose consciousness of the God that invades the impossible I will reduce ministry to my ministry gifts.” So if prayer is something that frightens or bores you, then come along! You don’t have to pray out loud, stand on the platform – just come and converse  with God along with us.

Finally, we’ll be updating the church this coming Sunday regarding our ladies group. Again, we’ll put more stuff on the website soon but I do want to say that as a leadership we believe in the gifting God has placed within people. If you have a dream and a burden to do more, or start something, then come and talk to us. Maybe we are asking God to raise somebody to do the very thing that’s on your heart – like Dorothy’s Dreamers and Laura’s ladies group.

Don’t forget Street Pastors and The Big Feed if you want to be involved. See Eb about The Big Feed, and me (Brian) about Street Pastors.

God Bless,


15th September 2011